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A managed, messaging platform allowing you to send encrypted messages to any Broadband, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi text enabled device from your PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

No software or hardware to purchase, install or maintain.

CriticalComm Portal® MessageSync®, and CritcalPage® offer a complete encrypted and HIPPA* compliant solution



    The directory is user friendly, quick and efficient. Easy to search by contact, department, phone number, etc. Each user can choose which to list first in the directory, groups or contacts.

  • Complete Global Log

    The message log stores the date, time, sender, recipient, and message in the log for later retrieval when necessary. Each user has their own log, in addition the administrator can set up a global log allowing everyone universal access. This data can be exported to Excel spreadsheets; API compatibility allows integration with third party vendor products.

    Complete Global Log
  • Group Messaging

    Groups can be created ahead of time or on the fly including recipients using various devices and different carriers. Push technology ensures messages go out quickly and efficiently.

    Group Messaging
  • Canned Messages

    A canned message can be either a predefined stand-alone message or it can be a fill-in-the-blank message template used to convey specific information to the recipient. Canned massages can also be edited to include additional information prior to sending. The canned message template is particularly useful to dispatchers, ensuring that they collect the particular information needed by each department. Canned messages and Canned Message Template is ideal for streamlining communications. This data can be exported to Excel spreadsheets; API compatibility allows integration with third party vendor products.

    Canned Messages
  • Scheduled Delivery

    Create schedules for activating / deactivating devices and email, participation in or out of groups or forwarding of messages to other users. The administrator can activate devices for an incoming employee on their start date, or deactivate devices for outgoing employees on their parting date, at the administrator’s convenience. Users can also forward their messages to other users when they are on vacation, at a conference, etc.

    Scheduled Delivery
  • Complete Security

    CriticalComm Portal® utilizes 128 bit SSL encryption to keep your information secure. All users have an authenticated login and password which is crucial for today’s compliance standards. Messages are encrypted and sent from the portal securely. The Portal administrator can choose one of four security levels for your employees as you choose. Pager users may want to get our new encrypted HIPAA* compliant pager, CriticalPage®.

    Smartphone and Tablet users, check out our CriticalComm MessageSync® application that provides encrypted and HIPAA* compliant messaging for SmartPhones and Tablets.

    Complete Security
  • Application Log

    Once configured, CriticalComm Portal® records all changes to its application settings. The administrator can use the application log to oversee employee activity.

    Application Log


  • Fast, Flexible and Reliable

    CriticalComm Portal® provides fast and reliable message delivery to any text capable device or group of devices.

    Fast, Flexible and Reliable
  • Converged Technologies

    CriticalComm Portal® allows customers to move their existing Page plus pager number to a cell phone or SmartPhone, thus giving up their physical pager and keeping their cell phone number private. Customers can also keep their pager and copy their pager number to their cell phone or SmartPhone as a backup.

    Converged Technologies
  • Messaging Platforms

    Wireless messages can be sent via SNPP, SMTP, WCTP AND WCTP-TWO WAY. In addition, we can also communicate with all industry standard automated system protocols from healthcare to law enforcement. SNPP (simple network paging protocol) is a fast and efficient, managed delivery solution for sending messages to pagers. SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol or email) is a less desirable methodology for sending messages because it is an unmanaged delivery solution. WCTP and WCTP –TWO WAY (wireless communication transfer protocol) are fast and efficient methodologies for sending messages to cell phones and SmartPhones and are managed delivery solutions. WCTP-TWO WAY uses the data channel, therefore having more reliability in disaster scenarios and allowing for quick and efficient response from the recipient.

    Messaging Platforms
  • Customization

    We can import your company logo and color theme to make CriticalComm Portal® look and feel like it belongs to your organization.

  • Portal Pin

    A Portal PIN is a CriticalComm number which allows all messages sent to a wireless device to be logged in the portal, regardless of the source. API compatibility allows integration with third party vendor products.

    Portal Pin