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No matter your teams’ device, LIFT works for you.

Whether your team is using iOS, Android or Blackberry devices, LIFT Mobile is perfect for professionals who rely on collaboration and communication. Faster and more reliable than email, LIFT Mobile provides a higher urgency than email, SMS and phone calls. And, with ongoing service alerts until the message is acknowledged, a centralized message log and audit trail, you can be assured that your team’s communications are as efficient, effective and secure as possible.


  • Safe and Secure

    Highly Secure SSL 256 bit encryption

    Safe and Secure
  • Complete Global Log

    Complete message audit trail for regulatory compliance. Includes when message was sent, delivered, read and deleted

    Complete Global Log
  • Private, Global Coverage

    Global coverage using cellular or Wi-Fi networks and your mobile number stays private

    Private, Global Coverage
  • Persistent, Customizable Notification

    Persistent customizable notification ensures critical messages are noticed and you can even get a personal LIFT mobile number

    Persistent, Customizable Notification
  • In-App Messaging

    Compose, send and receive message from your handheld device. Messages are displayed within the app; Separating important critical messages from email and SMS text messages

    In-App Messaging
  • Canned Response

    Messages can include canned responses allowing users to reply quickly and easily

    Canned Response


  • Reliable. Immediate. Effective.
  • Carry one device (eliminates the need for pagers)
  • Secure encrypted messaging
  • Separate "In Box" for messages
  • Audit trail with sent, delivered, read and deleted
  • Distinct message notification
  • Unique number ensures your mobile number stays private
  • Global coverage via cellular & Wi-Fi
  • Rapid message delivery
  • Integrates with existing systems
  • Industry compliance


  • How will LIFT be supported by CriticalComm?
    Please contact us
  • What message tracking data will be available on my account?
    Who sent the message, subject, body and when it was sent, in addition to when the message was delivered and read.
  • Do I receive messages even if I’m logged out of the app?
  • Can I receive messages while I’m talking on the phone?
    Yes. Your LIFT platform works similarly to messaging platforms that you may be used to with the ability to receive messages while speaking on the phone. (Carrier network restrictions may apply)
  • What types of smartphone OS versions are needed to run LIFT?
    iOS 8 or higher, Android v4.0 or higher & Android based Blackberry.
  • Can I keep my cell phone number? Will I need a special data plan?
    You can keep your cell number, and no special plan is required, just any data plan.
  • What happens if I get a new smart phone?
    LIFT is easily downloaded and ready to use with your username and password. Simply log in and your new phone will receive messages.
  • What cellular carriers support LIFT?
    LIFT is not carrier dependent. It uses standard push technology and SSL for security.
  • How will the message alert appear?
    Appearances in iOS are user defined via “Settings” > “Notifications” > “Applications” > LIFT. Android and Blackberry alerts appear in the notification bar.
  • Can I reply to the message?
    Yes, you have the ability to send replies to a valid LIFT sender.
  • How do I download LIFT?
    LIFT can be downloaded from your device’s respective application store.
  • How are messages logged? How long can I access them?
    New messages will show up in the UNREAD box. All incoming messages, regardless of read or unread, are in the INBOX and securely stored on our cloud servers.
  • Can non-LIFT users send messages to LIFT users?
    Yes, LIFT accepts integrations with a variety of standard protocols and systems. Contact us for more information
  • What happens if I do not have cellular coverage or my battery dies?
    LIFT alerts are sent using push technology, which keeps the last push alert if your phone is unavailable. Once the phone becomes available you will receive your last alert.