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Effective internal communication is the key to providing superior medical care.

Miscommunication in a hospital can have catastrophic results. With teams of medical professionals treating the same patient, sharing patient information and discussing patient management, accurate and efficient communication is critical.

LIFT is a state-of-the-art healthcare communication platform that solves the ever-growing communication challenge hospitals face. With critical, real-time message delivery, medical professionals are quickly alerted during emergencies as well as able to communicate with one another on a totally secure channel. And with nearly 70% of medical professionals already using smart phones on the job, LIFT’s smartphone compatibility make it a great choice for hospitals all over the country.


  • Safe and Secure

    Highly Secure SSL 256 bit encryption

    Safe and Secure
  • Complete Global Log

    Complete message audit trail for regulatory compliance. Includes when message was sent, delivered, read and deleted

    Complete Global Log
  • Private, Global Coverage

    Global coverage using cellular or Wi-Fi networks and your mobile number stays private

    Private, Global Coverage
  • Persistent, Customizable Notification

    Persistent customizable notification ensures critical messages are noticed and you can even get a personal LIFT mobile number

    Persistent, Customizable Notification
  • In-App Messaging

    Compose, send and receive message from your handheld device. Messages are displayed within the app; Separating important critical messages from email and SMS text messages

    In-App Messaging
  • Canned Response

    Messages can include canned responses allowing users to reply quickly and easily

    Canned Response

With easy integration into existing hospital infrastructure, LIFT requires a minimal investment compared to other communication solutions. Because it’s HIPAA-compliant, LIFT also meets and exceeds a hospitals legal obligation to protect patient privacy. In addition, LIFT generates an audit trail of all communications giving the hospital historical data of all communications, including dates, times, senders, recipients, and more. With LIFT, hospitals also mitigate risk with employee turnover by allowing the hospital to maintain control of LIFT access.

All information communicated via LIFT’ is stored securely in the cloud. Private patient information cannot be stored or accessed on a phone without first logging in to LIFT. Employee access can be removed remotely and at the hospital administration’s direction.

LIFT is the key to communication which leads to improved patient outcomes and medical team satisfaction. Find out why hospitals all over the country have started using LIFT!


  • Reliable. Immediate. Effective.
  • Carry one device (eliminates the need for pagers)
  • Secure encrypted messaging
  • Separate "In Box" for messages
  • Audit trail with sent, delivered, read and deleted
  • Distinct message notification
  • Unique number ensures your mobile number stays private
  • Global coverage via cellular & Wi-Fi
  • Rapid message delivery
  • Integrates with existing systems
  • Industry compliance