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Secure communication with staff and clients, streamlined.

In the business world today, secure communications that ensure client confidentiality are no longer just a suggestion or courtesy, they are a necessity. In fact, for many industries, legislation dictates the need for the most secure private methods of communication available to comply with privacy standards. With LIFT Secure Messaging, your team can have peace of mind knowing that internal staff communications and all communications with clients are completely secure. With LIFT, messages are not only faster and more reliable than email, they are more secure, never living directly on a computer or mobile device. And, a complete audit trail records the history of communications you may need for your client or yourself.

Lift secure messaging is compatible with your current IT systems and any android or iOS device, making secure communication a viable option even on the go.

Features & Benefits

  • Allows secure collaboration and communication in real-time
  • Integrates with existing technology
  • Works with any current Android or iOS device
  • Generates a comprehensive audit trail
  • Maintains regulatory compliance
  • Provides centralized control
  • Requires minimum investment for maximum functionality
  • Leads to improved internal and external communication among colleagues
  • Scalable to meet your changing needs
  • Ensures privacy