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Hospitals and Healthcare

Hospitals and other healthcare providers heavily depend on Wireless Mobile Messaging Devices because of the commitments that they must fulfill every day. CriticalComm partners with the Healthcare community providing encrypted and HIPAA* compliant, modern messaging technologies that allow them to communicate efficiently and effectively because they have people’s lives and future health in their hands. Communications continue to be problematic in the hospital environment because while housekeeping may find traditional pagers to be most cost effective…management may want to move their pager number to their cell phone and carry only one device….and doctors want MessageSync so they can get their messages on their smartphones in a HIPAA* compliant environment. Management can improve the function of the hospital’s core measures by using MessageSync which logs in the Portal the date and times that messages were sent, delivered, read, replied to; and the content of the message and reply. This data may be exported to an excel spreadsheet; API compatibility allows integration with third party vendor products.


CriticalComm messaging system utilizes modern technology to deliver immediate, reliable messaging to first early responders as no other wireless mobile messaging can. The ability to communicate is crucial when people's lives and property are at stake; CriticalComm partners with local, state, and federal government agencies to ensure that they can receive these critical alerts. Interoperability continues to be problematic, for some departments traditional pagers work best, other departments prefer cellular technologies. CriticalComm Portal offers the flexibility they need. 911 Centers benefit from the canned message template that CriticalComm Portal offers because a pre-determined message template means that dispatchers only need fill in the blanks and send the message; very beneficial for new dispatchers. Fire Chiefs no longer have to wonder how many firefighters will respond to the fire call. MessageSync allows dispatchers to ask for a response; the Chief can check the log with his smartphone and know who is responding.

Business & Industry

In terms of return on investment, wireless messaging devices truly excel. For those businesses who have a number of mobile employees, it can become very time consuming for the office staff to deliver messages. CriticalComm Portal offers a company directory that allows your staff to send text messages to pagers, cellphones, smartphones, iPads & tablets, and email from any P.C. or smartphone; increasing your office efficiency and providing improved communications. CriticalComm Portal group call also allows businesses to alert their employees about a possible weather emergency, a current crisis on the premises, or simply routine matters via a text message on the employee’s choice of device. All messages are logged to meet today’s industry standards.